Fit for Life

The Bromley by Bow Centre is partnering with Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Ability Bow to deliver the Fit for Life programme.


The service is designed to support Tower Hamlets residents who would like support managing their weight and associated long term health conditions. The programme aim is to help you take back control of your health, build confidence and achieve your goals for a healthier life. It also links you with many accessible services to support you in your local community.

Fit for Life is based around four key dimensions:

  • HEALTHY EATING - helping you develop eating habits for a healthier life
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - specially designed programmes to make activity safe and fun
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - personalised action plan to achieve your weight goals
  • MOTIVATIONAL SUPPORT - working alongside you to help make changes

If you are over 18 and a BMI over 30 (27.5 for South Asian residents) your GP or practice nurse can refer you to the scheme which is free of charge in Tower Hamlets.

The approach across the whole programme is to support local people to embed new behaviour into everyday life with an emphasis on you taking charge in a way that can be sustainable and supported by others who are tackling similar challenges.

An initial 12 week programme includes a variety of classes, learning and activities. Support is provided for a full year to help you achieve your goals.

Click HERE to download the Fit for Life patient leaflet

How to Join

Contact your Tower Hamlets GP surgery and ask for a referral to Fit for Life. Your health care professional will do a health assessment before referring relevant patients to the service. Once a referral is made, the Fit for Life team will make contact to set up your first meeting.

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Fit for Life