Lala's story

Before when I go to my doctor, my hospital I had no English. Now I can talk by myself.

Lala"I like my class. It’s my first choice, so much fun. I like my teacher, she is very funny and friendly.

I moved to England in 1980. When my children were young it was hard to learn. As I have got older I have got happier. Now I’m happy. I can talk to my doctor, to council so they can fix things. When I see my grandchildren, they talk in English. I wanted to talk with them. My daughter said “Go to school”. My daughter applied for an ESOL course at the Centre for me. First time I was nervous. This year I’m not nervous, I just enjoy. Sue teaches me how to do stuff. Now I go to the shop myself, I can do everything myself. I’m going to do more learning now."

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