Our Board and Team

The Board

The Bromley by Bow Centre has a volunteer Board of Directors. These unpaid directors oversee the work of the Senior Management Team, offer advice on direction and strategy, ensure that the organisation is meeting its legal and reporting obligations, and carry ultimate responsibility for the Centre's financial wellbeing. Collectively, the Board has a wealth of experience and expertise across many different fields, helping the Centre to reach its full potential as an organisation. They are:

President - Lord Andrew Mawson OBE

Vice President - Zenith Rahman

Chairperson - Ajit Lalvani

Vice Chairperson - Chris Elliott

Treasurer - Simon Bevan


Monjur Ali
Sarah Burton
Mike Gould
Sophie Timson
Sharon MacBeth
Savitha Pushparajah
Penny Shimmin 
Chris Wilson                                                                                                                                 David Smeed 

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Centre and delivering strategy. They are:

Rob Trimble - Chief Executive & Team Leader

Julia Davis - GP, Chair of the Health Partnership & Assistant Chief Executive 

Catherine Tollington - Interim Chief Operating Officer

Amanda Jones - Director of Fundraising

Ruth Roberts - Director of Communities, Health & Wellbeing

Genefer Chitolie - Director of Employment & Skills

Zoe Portlock - Director of New Business

Dan Hopewell - Director of Knowledge & Innovation

Helal Uddin - Director of Regeneration & Community Partnerships