Our Mission & Model

Our mission 

Our mission is to help create a cohesive, healthy, successful and vibrant community, and to remove the label ‘deprived’ from Bromley by Bow.

A model that works

The Bromley by Bow Centre is an internationally renowned charity which has earned a reputation as a dynamic and pioneering organisation that has transformed its community over 30 years. Our focus is on supporting vulnerable young people, adults and families who can be hard to reach through conventional statutory service support.  Our approach is therefore based on three key principals:


Making it easy for people to access support by bringing services together and delivering a friendly and sensitive service in high quality buildings.

Integrated Services

Offering a broad holistic range of services so people can find help for both their most immediate problems and longer term deep-seated issues.

Long Journeys

Encouraging people to gradually build up the skills and confidence they need to progress in life and build a positive future for their families.

Each month, we support over 2,000 people to improve their health and wellbeing, learn new skills, find employment and develop the confidence to achieve their goals.

At the heart of the model is the phrase "assume it’s possible". This encapsulates a determination to ensure that everyone who engages with the Centre is enabled to reach their full potential. Key to this is the way Centre staff support individuals, both formally and informally, over many years. The end result is people achieving changes in their lives and circumstances that they never dreamed were possible when they first arrived.