Social enterprise

At the forefront of social enterprise

The Bromley by Bow Centre has been at the heart of social enterprise development since it was founded in 1984. The organisation has always embraced business principles and many of its earliest projects were developed through creative partnerships with a whole series of social entrepreneurs. Some of the very first of these partnerships gave birth to a dance school, a cafe, a nursery and a whole series of art workshops and businesses.

The Centre continued to develop its expertise in social enterprise and grew a reputation for taking strong social projects and turning them into successful businesses. This was at a time when the idea of social enterprise had not gained significant traction nationally and the work was often very experimental in nature. In turn, this led the Bromley by Bow Centre to become an exemplar model for "communities in business" and, as a result, attracted a range of visitors interested in our social enterprise work including former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and senior business leaders.

Alongside incubation work, the Bromley by Bow Centre also pioneered the UK's first undergraduate degree programme working in partnership with the University of East London. Innovation remains at the heart of the Bromley by Bow model of social enterprise incubation. Today the "Beyond Business" programme is regarded as one of the most dynamic and purposeful examples of harnessing local social entrepreneurs in the task of community regeneration.


You can keep up to date with Beyond Business by following their twitter account @beyond_biz