Unleashing Healthy Communities

What is the Unleashing Healthy Communities Project?

The Bromley by Bow Centre and GP practice are carrying out research to understand the difference they make to the local community. They will use this information to continually evolve and improve how they work with the community, to influence policy and to share their learning with others. The research is led by two researchers: Becky Seale and Catherine-Rose Stocks Rankin who are based at the Bromley by Bow Centre.

We are embedded, participatory and developmental in our approach. We use participatory approaches with staff to develop meaningful measurement. We work with a team of community researchers to co-produce our understanding of the model and its outcomes. All of our work focuses on capacity building as well as evidence generation. We are embedded in the values of Bromley by Bow: a friend, have fun, assume its possible and be compassionate.

The research project is currently funded by Public Health England, theWellcome Trust, The Health Foundation and OCS, and supported by an advisory group.

The project is supported by a team of other researchers including five local people who joined the team as community researchers (from left to right): Mandy Harrial, Yunus Ali, Andre Barnes, Rev James Olanipekun, Andre Khan, Maisha Chowdhury, Becky Seale and Nina Begum.

What could involvement in the project look like?

Research in the community involves:

  • Pop up stalls and events in the community asking "What do you value in your local community and why?"
  • 1:1 research conversations exploring what matters in peoples lives. And what helps and what stops people living the lives they want to
  • Workshops bringing lots of different people together to review the findings, celebrate and dream about what could happen next

Research in the organisations involves:

  • Workshops with staff teams to understand how their daily activity makes a difference to the people they work with and support
  • Flashmobs within the organisations to explore overall impact, to share learning and delve deeper

Research with partners involves:

  • 1:1 research conversations with people who have had a long standing relationship with the Centre or GP Practice and can share their story
  • 1:1 research conversations with partners to understand how we all work together to make a difference locally

Our research principles:

Our research team believe in research that positively contributes to this community and to the BBBC and GP Practice. We are trained in and maintain these principles of good research:

We blend good research with good engagement principles. Our researchers believe in 'The Human Touch'.

@MandyHarrilal which means we are humans first, and researchers second. We do research without clipboards!