About us
The Bromley by Bow Centre is community charity offering over 40 services and activities and a community research project. We are closely affiliated with Bromley by Bow NHS Health Partnership

Bromley by Bow Centre

We support people with a wide variety of integrated services based on their individual needs, because we know that health is primarily driven by social factors, not medical ones.

We have strategic partnerships with a wide range of organisations and funders, and together we design and deliver highly effective programmes that transform peoples’ lives.

We have created a model for healthy, vibrant communities and we share our blueprint nationwide to help others emulate our approach.

Step by step, it’s possible. 

Who we've supported

Martin's story

I feel as if someone has put new batteries in to me

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Who we've supported

Rowshan's story

I’ve been so inspired and now cycling is central to my life

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Who we've supported

Farah's story

I would honestly say the Centre has changed my life

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Who we've supported

Gerard's story

I was literally staring into the abyss when I came to the Centre, but the advice and support I’ve been given has brought light back into my life

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