Ernest's story

Engagement with a wide variety of services across the Centre

Ernest's story

Zul's story

Talking about her rewarding work as a trained advice volunteer

Zul's story

Paul's story

Enjoying life again after receiving timely social welfare advice

Paul's story

Liz's story

An inspiring woman, determined to create positivity

Liz's story

Elly's story

The chief executive of the Bromley by Bow Centre

Elly's story

Samreen's story

An entrepreneur building a business with a sustainable vision

Samreen's story

Shahanaz's story

A specialist Social Prescribing Advice Link Worker providing vital support

Shahanaz's story

Carol's story

A volunteer helping to unleash the power of community

Carol's story

Yasin's story

An impressive individual with a bright future, building his skills and experience

Yasin's story

Tracey's story

An inspiring person transforming her life

Tracey's story

Martin’s story

From a low place to firing on all cylinders

Martin’s story

Farah’s story

Building a new life with patience and determination

Farah’s story

Rowshan’s story

Looking forward to a bright future

Rowshan’s story

Gerard's story

Coming back to the light after a difficult period

Gerard’s story

Savitha's story

GP and trustee - health is more than a doctor's appointment

Savitha’s story

Laura's story

A social entrepreneur with a voice to be heard

Laura's story

Brenda's story

Softly spoken community activist changing her part of the world

Brenda’s story

Obafemi's story

A proud local who became a trustee of the Centre

Obafemi’s story

Karin's story

Karin’s story is one of determination and hope

Karin’s story

Jade's Story

Managing considerable life challenges with positivity

Jade’s story

Ali's story

Sharing his experience to help others with energy debt

Ali’s story

Alison's story

Even health challenges don't hold back this super-volunteer

Alison's story
Picture of Sharron sitting by the pond with a tree in the background

Sharron's story

Finding spirit and determination to overcome a major setback

Sharron’s story

Rafiu's story

Finding support to cope and a new, creative way forward

Rafiu’s story

Kelly's story

A Community Health Champion, inspiring others

Kelly’s story

Matt's story

Using personal experience to build a career helping others

Matt’s story

Tarana's story

Overcoming health challenges to fulfill a dream

Tarana’s story

Wade's story

From employment apprentice to valued staff member

Wade’s story

Sabeha's story

Social enterprise leader creating opportunities for local women

Sabeha’s story

Jemma's story

Connections with others through a love of sport

Jemma’s story

Povilas's story

New activities and connections with others

Povilas’s story

Rebeka's story

Finding work by learning English and developing skills

Rebeka’s story

Christo's story

Finding his work niche and next career steps

Christo’s story

Sharon (with Mandy)

A qualified gardener running Centre groups

Sharon’s story

Zenith's story

Skilled outreach-worker and trustee

Zenith’s story

Sam's story

A successful social enterprise based on mental health

Sam’s story
A black lady smiling at the camera in the Bromley by Bow Centre garden

Althea's story

Feeling more positive, focused and confident

Althea's story
A white man sitting on a bench with his dog in the Bromley by Bow Centre garden

Mick's story

Increased confidence and feeling good after weight-loss

Mick's story
A smiling man in a blue cap and a red hoodie looks at the camera

Alex's story

From feeling lost to finding direction

Alex's story
Val with her dog on the sofa

Val’s story

Improved mood, outlook and confidence

Val's story
Man in striped t-shirt waters plants with a red watering can with lady in purple jumper tending to some plants

Francis's Story

A helpful and friendly gardening group member

Francis's story
Sandra, a member of the Bromley by Bow Macmillan Social Prescribing Service smiles at the camera

Sandra's story

Support to focus on life not on cancer

Sandra's story
A smiley photograph of Meg, a Macmillan Social Prescribing service user

Meg's story

Social prescribing helps build strength and hope

Meg's story
Photo of East End Energy Adviser, Mosrath, smiling at the camera at the Bromley by Bow Centre

Mosrath's story

East End Energy Fit Advisor

Mosrath's story