Althea's story

“It allowed me to identify my needs after cancer treatment. I became more positive, more focused, more confident”

A black lady smiling at the camera in the Bromley by Bow Centre garden

“The service provided a platform which enabled me to talk through my feelings, thoughts, emotions, fears and concerns. It allowed me to identify my needs after cancer and radiotherapy treatment. It’s important to reflect and have support.

I wasn’t sure what it was I needed to do but I knew I wanted to have control of my health. Then, I met the Social Prescriber. They created the space for me to talk. I was able to identify a good keep fit programme, which was an important part of me taking back my health from the professionals. It was the Social Prescriber who galvanised me into action.

After suffering from the intrusion and disruption of cancer and treatment, the humane, personal and intimate service provided is a welcome relief. I’m strutting my stuff now.”

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