Jade's story

I know I will always be welcomed with open arms”

Themes: energy advice; food bank

Jade is one of life’s optimistic people. She exudes positivity and yet faces daily life challenges that would be beyond most people to manage.

A single mother of seven sons, Jade has five children still at based at home with her and one of her boys has multiple disabilities, requiring constant, round-the-clock care.

Jade originally approached the Centre because her partner was faced with threats, after his visa expired, to deport him to a country where he faced real danger. Our advisers were able to give Jade information and refer her to a specialist agency for support.

Once contact with the Centre was established, Jade knew where to turn for future help. She has been supported by our energy advice team with top-up fuel vouchers to help keep her and her family warm.

She also accesses regular support from Bow Foodbank at the Centre which helps her adequately feed seven hungry boys. In her typical upbeat fashion, Jade often uses the food parcels to help educate her sons, involving them in meal planning and decisions and what to use and what should be put away to be used as a special treat.

“I love the Bromley by Bow Centre’ says Jade, “it is such a warm and supportive place where people always go that extra mile to help. I know I will always be welcomed with open arms. One day when the kids are bigger, I’d love to get more involved and do some volunteering at the Centre”