Karin's story

“The Centre’s support has been life-changing. I’ve had a real boost to my confidence”

Themes: mental health; exercise; connection with others

Karin’s story is inspiring.  Despite episodes of mental ill-health, she has found creative ways to cope with her condition. 

The coronavirus lockdowns affected Karin badly.  She became isolated and depressed. Her mood, sleep, diet and motivation were all affected. She felt as if her physical and mental health were deteriorating. 

Through the Newham Centre for Mental Health, part of the East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) Karin was referred to our Health Influencers course; a six-week programme that helps people get active and build skills and knowledge to help others become more active and healthy too. “The Centre team were so patient and flexible with me” she said, “they were really encouraging and compassionate if I was having a bad day – the course was amazing.” In the end, Karin completed the course exam with 91%. 

She then joined the Centre’s Monday cycle group and has taken up regular Boxercise, but she wanted to improve eating habits. She attended our food awareness and nutrition sessions which she found “so clear and accessible, I learnt so much about ingredients, fats, labelling and sourcing and it has changed my eating. I’m eating greens and vegetables with no red meat and already I feel better for it”   

Karin found that the Centre’s support made all the difference “It has been completely life changing” she said, “learning with such positive people really rubs off. They’ve made everything easy and fun and I’ve had a real boost to my confidence.”

Karin feels clear about what she now needs to keep healthy and well and is considering how else to interact with others, adding; “I’m thinking of trying the Centre’s art-based courses next and I hope to volunteer.”