“The Centre brought me out of my shell, without that help, I’d still be isolated and sitting indoors”

Themes: Confidence; skills building; Health Champion; community participation

When her GP surgery texted about the Health Champion course, Kelly thought it might help with her increasing social anxiety. She was finding it increasingly difficult to leave her flat and was diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

Attending the first session was scary but a group of friendly faces and a skilled course co-ordinator made her welcome and put her at ease. The Centre held the course at her GP surgery, a familiar place that helped reduce Kelly’s anxiety.

She completed the course and, as a Health Champion, Kelly now inspires and influences others. She talks with people in the community about the importance of exercise and healthy eating for better physical and mental health.

She has also been instrumental in running large community feast events to bring people together and has just been recruited to a new job as a support worker which she loves.

“Completing the eight-session course has given me more confidence. I’m now speaking to people I would never normally speak to. It’s been great learning more about nutrition and exercise.  I’m now watching what I eat and after exercise, I feel great. The Bromley by Bow Centre team have been amazing and brought me out of my shell, without that help, I’d still be isolated and sitting indoors. These days I am so much happier”

Kelly sums up her experience:

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