Matt's story

“This Centre was the first step in my transformation. It was a healing environment during a very challenging time”

Themes: Physical activity; skills building; volunteering; employment

Matt first came to the Centre during a challenging time in his life. He joined the Active Futures physical activity training programme, a nationally-accredited course that enabled him to gain a qualification.

The course gave Matt friendly colleagues and a sense of structure that helped him start to address the depression he had been experiencing. After completing the course, he became a valued volunteer in the activities team. When funding became available, he was offered part-time employment.

As Matt’s confidence grew and he returned to full health, he joined a mental health social work graduate programme and has started a new career as a qualified mental health social worker. This gives Matt the opportunity to use his own experience to empower individuals with mental illness, and their families, carers, and communities, to lead fulfilling, independent lives.

“This Centre was the first step in my transformation.  It was a healing environment during a very challenging time.  Kind and supportive colleagues were there for me and the atmosphere was relaxed and caring. I made new friends and started to laugh again.  The new learning from the course helped me grow, support others and began the path to my new career. I am now the most content and happy I have ever been.” 

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