Rafiu's story

“I was helped to find myself again after being diagnosed with cancer”

Themes: Social prescribing; benefits advice; filmmaking

After being diagnosed with cancer, Rafiu felt he needed help to cope. He also required financial assistance whilst going through treatment. He was referred to the Centre’s cancer social prescribing service by his clinician and met with a skilled link-worker. During one-to-one sessions, Rafiu was able to talk about the challenges he was facing.

He was supported to receive a Macmillan patient grant, to apply for a Blue Badge and advised how to receive London congestion charge discount. The Centre’s specialist advice services provided money management and energy advice. He was referred to a support group and signposted to appropriate welfare and benefit advice.

Rafiu also explored his creativity and supported others through a film-making project for people living with and beyond with cancer.

“I was helped to find myself again after being diagnosed with cancer. The social prescribing team helped me to think that I had been cured even without starting my treatment! They helped me find the right way to tackle my problems and how to handle them. Today my life history is not complete without the Bromley by Bow Centre.”

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