Yasin’s story

“The Centre has helped me in so many ways; building my work skills and confidence and helping me secure my first job”

Themes: Skills building; volunteering, employability, creative arts

Yasin is an impressive individual with a winning smile.  At 17 years old he has achieved so much in his life already and has a bright future awaiting him.

Still at school and studying for his A levels, Yasin is focused on obtaining a university place or apprenticeship. He wants to continue studying computer science and his ambition is focused on a rewarding and well-paid career at one of the country’s leading consulting firms.  But Yasin is also clear that obtaining a good work/life balance is one of his main aims.

Yasin first became involved with the Centre when he was encouraged to join a summer Martial Arts programme we were running with the local creative arts school, Spotlight.   He also joined a cohort on our Health Influencer Course and achieved a level 1 qualification.

Through these sessions, Yasin, got to know one of our Capital Talent advisers who encouraged him to attend employability workshops.  This helped Yasin build his confidence and he began to hone his job applications skills.

“The Centre has helped me in so many ways” he explains. “Shuhel (adviser) helped me develop my CV and make applications.  In the summer I applied to Hilton Hotels and was successful. I’m now working at one of their hotels in Canary Wharf in conferences and events.”

Yasin does 2-3 work shifts a week which he manages to fit in around his studies and patiently herding two younger brothers around (he brings them to Centre sessions).

Yasin has a strong sense of community and volunteers for Centre and Spotlight group trips, keeping the young children occupied and giving their parents a break.  He also has strong family values and says his Mum Jahura is the driving force behind him. “She encourages us to get involved in youth clubs and community activity and, during lockdown, she was great at encouraging our participation in online activities and learning.

“She also makes us walk everywhere” he laughs “which is why I’m spending my earnings on driving lessons and saving up for a car.” There is a sense that whatever Yasin sets out to do, he’ll achieve it.

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