ESOL Celebration of Learning and Achievement

It’s Time to Celebrate!

Learning at Bromley by Bow is so much more than getting through a programme or sitting exams. Every year at Bromley by Bow we are inspired and challenged by the individual stories of persistence, hard work and achievement of our learners, volunteers and people making a difference in our community. 2019 has been no exception. 

Join us on the 25th of June at Bromley by Bow to share, reflect and celebrate with 130 extraordinary men and women from across Tower Hamlets who exemplify the very best of community through a year of learning, volunteering and participation.

If you’re interested in attending or have any enquiries, please contact Rebeka 07393019810.


Tuesday 25th June, 2019
11.30am – 2.30pm
Bob’s Park, Bromley by Bow Centre

Celebration of learning 2019