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Challenge 1: Corona Crown

You will need: paper and pens, maybe if you’re feeling adventurous paint, scissors, card and sellotape.
This is probably one of the only challenges that will be about the coronavirus, but we believe that the more we know the less scary something is.
We will be extra impressed if somebody makes a crown that they can wear!
Find out more in the Facebook group and see what others have done!
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Challenge 10: The Spring Bonnet

Try this classic spring craft together as we enjoy the long Easter bank holiday weekend.
Alternatives for 0-4s Encourage younger children to paint and decorate a basic hat or crown template, then cut and stick it for them.
Extension for older children try introducing modelling and miniature 3D items to your crafty bonnet.
Post your creation in the Facebook group here

Challenge 18: Make a puppet – it might become famous

Episode 1 of Tales TV shows you how to make a Blurgh puppet. Send it in to them and make it famous!
Extension: For more creative designs and ideas for your puppet, look at the Little Angel Theatre for older children here and for younger children here.
Introduce your puppet in the Facebook group

Challenge 25: Design your SuperBear!

This video gives you all the information you need to design and submit your bear into the competition.
For older children: Take part in the Young Design Museum in the Discovery Platform or our drawing challenges in the Arts and Crafts Studio.
Share your SuperBear here

Challenge 34 - Make a dreamcatcher

It’s time to get creative! Here’s the link to show you how to create your own dream catcher at home using a paper plate as the base https://www.bakerross.co.uk/craft-ideas/kids/paper-plate-dream-catcher

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Challenge 44 - Explore textures

Use different objects to print and paint with some sensory painting.
Or you can take some rubbings of the different surfaces and textures around you – https://hospital-rooms.com/wax-rubbings
For older children: Explore artists who work with texture, such as Kim Beck
Share your results here.

Challenge 53 - Origami Delight

Create a creature, just with folded paper!
For younger children: Try some of these folds – and don’t forget to colour them in.
For older children: Have a go at creating leaping animals and whole rainforests with BALTIC Make & Meet Online.


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