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Challenge 6: Patchwork Patterns

Take this paper patchwork pattern challenge and then share your photos on Facebook! Have a go here.

For under 5s Try NRich’s Pattern Making activity instead
Extension for older children – Continue the pattern theme to try this activity.
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Challenge 15: Count Your Sheep

Today’s Bedtime Maths puzzle is the Colossally Cool Cube.
Extension for older children: Explore how a Rubik’s cube works – can you solve one?
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Challenge 22: Maths Muscle Workout

Try some of Cool Maths Kids’ mental maths games here, from Island Chase to Minus Mission.
For younger children: practise counting or recognising the shape of different numbers with your child. Find some counting games here.
For older children: Topmarks has more number games for different ages here.
Which game did you play? Share it here

Challenge 30: Code Away

Spend twenty minutes on a coding challenge in one of the “learn to code” websites. What did you make?
For younger children: One of the skills behind coding is arranging and sorting ideas and patterns. Try this collecting challenge or this packing challenge from NRich.


What did you make? Share it here

Challenge 38 - Playing Card Mental Maths

Use playing cards to practice your number bonds to 10 or to 20. Find the instructions on the Facebook post.
For younger children: Design your own card game and share it with us- for example, practicing adding or subtracting numbers together through rolling two dice and adding the numbers up.
For older children: Try more maths games with playing cards here:
Play the card game

Challenge 50 - Riddle Riddle

Join in with some riddling in our Facebook group and explore many more by following this link and have unlimited fun with your friend and family

For younger kids: What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?
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