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Challenge 2: Explore Space

This challenge is all about SPACE.
Our universe is incredible!
Here are the links you will need:
Alternative for 0-4s Focus on finding out about the moon and why it changes (Sci Show Kids video 17). Maybe you could also draw the moon, and its craters and lakes, or make a moon puzzle (Sci Show Kids video 16).
Extension for older children explore the origin of the universe with the Big History Project


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Challenge 13: Tour the British Museum

Time for a family trip! Take a virtual tour here. Don’t forget to find out some facts to share with others.
Find more museums you can explore from around the world here– over 2,500!
Alternatively, if dinosaurs are more your style, tour the Natural History Museum here and then explore its Dino Directory to find out some dino facts.
Alternatives for 0-4s Why not experience different animals in your living room? Type an animal into Google and press “View in 3D”. It brings up your camera and then 30 seconds later you can have a tiger in your house. The choice ranges from an emperor penguin to a goat!
Extension for older children Explore the 100 objects that make up “A History of the World in 100 Objects”, all found in the British Museum!


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Challenge 21: A Kitchen Experiment

Try a DadLab science experiment here.And here are the links to the air cannon (be careful with the scissors), frozen water and which shape is strongest experiments (this is a great one for younger children).
For older children: explore the Science Museum’s investigations instead.
Want to explore more? Mystery science’s mini-lessons answer questions like “Were dragons ever real?” and “Why do the stars change with the seasons?”.
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Challenge 28: Deep Sea Diving

Dive into the deep blue sea and find two new animals you’ve never heard of before!
It’s time to explore the ocean! Here’s the link to a deep sea dive Explore more here about diving to the very deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench.
For younger children: Here’s a craft related to the different zones of the ocean. You can also create your own sea creatures – toilet rolls and egg cartons are good for this!
For older children: Find out more about one of the most unknown areas of our world – our ocean.
Which creatures did you discover?

Challenge 35 - Access to Mars

Go on a fact finding mission and build your own Mars project! Have direct access to Mars, explore its surface and find interesting facts, or get the latest on Mars from Nasa.
For younger children: Follow the link and find 5 facts about Mars and draw life on Mars.
For older children: Create your own project based on facts and figures from the Nasa website
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Challenge 46 - Lego Creation

Use this lego calendar from Little Bins for Little Hands, or some ideas of all the many, many things you can do with only six bricks to build your own lego creation.
For older children: Try one of James Dyson’s engineering challenges. It could turn you into an inventor!
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Challenge 51 - Map of my world

Draw a map of your world. 🌎🌍🌏
 It could be a map of your journey to school, to the local park/shop or even your friend’s house. Draw buildings and other landmarks you pass along the way. Draw a flag to represent your world.
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