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Challenge 3: Move Sharp

How many of you follow the astonishingly popular Joe Wickes and his workout?

Today is your day! It’s at 9am sharp so you’ll have to be quick, view our Facebook page for more details.

Alternative for under 5s  How about a game of Animal Actions?
Extension for older children – Why is exercise so important? How does it physically change our body?
Have you learnt a new move? How many marks out of 10 would you give it? Report back

Challenge 9: I like to move it!

This challenge is about dancing your heart out. Follow Deepak Tulysan’s short dance tutorial to master the steps here.

Alternative for under 5s – Toddlers love to dance! Put on a track and wiggle away to the music!
Extension for older children – Follow Oti Mabuse or Darcy Bussell in a full length dance class.
View the challenge on Facebook

Challenge 16: Shapeshift like Jack-Jack

Jack-Jack can shapeshift and so can you! This is a “follow my leader” game from the 10 minute Disney Shake Up Activities – take it in turns to be the leader and make as many shapes as possible for others to copy!
Round it off by doing as many star jumps as you can in only one minute!
Extension for older children: Try a Sophie Thwaites workout.
How many star jumps did you do? Post it here.

Challenge 23: Chalk it up!

Make your own hopscotch, obstacle course or activity run. You can do this indoors or outdoors. Add points to hop, skip, jump and turn.
If you are making your activity course indoors, here are some ideas.
For older children: make it harder! Set up a circuit training workout with the things you have available at home.
Share your pictures here

Challenge 32 - Treasure Hunt!

Create a treasure hunt for your family with a trail of clues for them to follow. Make sure your clues include lots of movement and exercise, like star jumps, running on the spot and twirling round!
You can use Treasure Run and these Scavenger Riddles for inspiration for our Games Room challenge.
What did you make? Share it here.

Challenge 41 - Movement Mission!

Choose one of Move Crew’s missions to complete. This week is all about speed and skill to make you the ultimate mover.
For younger children: Try the “Super Tidy” mission in Week 2.


What mission did you complete? Share here.

Challenge 47 - Balancing Game

Find your favourite object and try to balance on your head! How many object you can carry and walk… 1 step? 2 steps? 3 steps? Maybe more……..
If you want make it more challenging by standing on one leg and count seconds. If you can manage few seconds-then you just completed a difficult Yoga Pose!
How many steps could you do? Share here.

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