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Challenge 7: Be a journalist

Interview your parents!

Find out something new that you didn’t know about them.

They might surprise you!

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Challenge 14: Who is your role model?

Here is a link to inspire you about brave children who overcame difficulties in their lives.
Who do you look up to?
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Challenge 24: We need you as Prime Minister

Become Prime Minister for a day and set rules so that children can be happy and healthy.

Share your ideas with the group!

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Challenge 31: Make a Time Capsule

Collect some objects that you would want people to discover 10 or 100 years in the future. You can even write a letter to the future. Get your parents to store or bury it somewhere safe.
Here are some ideas of things to put in your time capsule.
For older children: What do you think is significant about this time in history? What will you want to remember when the pandemic has passed?
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Challenge 40 - Create your Messy Space

Is there a place in your house where you can just be a bit messy? With your parents’ permission, create a corner of your house that you don’t need to tidy up all the time and use it to play your best games.

What games did you play? Share here.

Challenge 45 - Dream Big

Dream big at home with the Woodcraft Folk. Join in one of their live activities to explore social action, make some peace bunting, or Span the World with Friendship postcards
For younger children: Draw a picture for one of your friends.
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Challenge 52 - Message of Hope

Write a message of hope for someone you’re missing during lockdown. Find a piece of long string/fabric and attach the message to it. Go outside and find a tree to tie it to ( you never know, other people might be inspired to do it too)

For younger children, draw a message instead.
Who did you write to? Share here.

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