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Challenge 8: Ta Daa!

Write down three times you have helped your parents today. What did you do?
For under 5s – Even very young children can be good at tidying up. Here are some ideas to get them involved and some tasks that they can do.
Extension for older children – Is there a job you can be in charge of around the house? Are you a great duster, vacuum master, meal cooker or toy tidier? If you have younger sisters or brothers, this is your chance to show them how it is done!


How did you help today? Share it here.

Challenge 17: Bake Along

Do some baking and share your creations on Facebook!

Find some recipe suggestions on Facebook

Challenge 26: A Food Portrait

Create your own Food Portrait – see some inspiration on Facebook and at www.instagram.com/vanessa_rowlands_artist

View the challenge on Facebook

Challenge 33 - Create a Rainbow Meal

Create a rainbow meal for your family. It needs to have three bright colours in it!
Ideas for a rainbow meal include:
· salad with bright red tomatoes, green lettuce and yellow peppers
· rainbow wraps, fruit skewers, or even rainbow ice cubes – there are lots more ideas here
What did you make? Share it here.

Challenge 39 - Making Playdough

Making Playdough! Use this recipe to make your own playdough. Add some spices or glitter to add some jazz.
What shapes and models can you make? Share your pictures and enjoy!
Suitable for all ages including adults
What was it like? Tell us here.

Challenge 42 - Paint from the Pantry

Create some homemade paint from your pantry!
You can make paint using ingredients from your cupboards and adding a few drops of food colour to them. Check out the Facebook group for ingredients:
Paint 1: Angel delight and water
Paint 2: Golden syrup
Paint 3: Corn flour and vinegar


Get the recipe here.

Challenge 49 - Fasting and iftar challenge

Try one day of fasting before Eid 🌙

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from the time the sun rises to the time the sun sets. Fasting is supposed to teach Muslims about patience and spiritual things. Your challenge is to see what it feels like to fast – and then break your fast with an Iftar meal in the evening. It is a tradition to open the fast with a date and water if needed and then a nice meal. Send a picture of your iftar dish!

For children, fast until you are hungry or thirsty. Adults can try and fast the whole day.


Share your iftar dish here.

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