Time for a story

Welcome to the Storytime Snug. Here you will find ideas of stories to read together and lots of activities to do.


Challenge 4: Stories help

Today’s challenge takes advantage of the free audio stories for children that have recently been released.

After you have listened to a story together, why not talk about it together- what was your favourite bit? Or play it together – which character will you play?

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Challenge 11: Story Stones

Follow the instructions here to create your Story Stones – all you need are some stones (or something similar) and some magazine pictures or drawings.
For under-5s:  For more imaginative play to develop communication skills, see this blog.
Extension for older children: Use a visual writing prompt to write your story – explore prompts here and here.
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Challenge 29: Amazing Authors Challenge You!

Amazing authors set a daily 10 minute creative challenge. Create something new today following their prompt
Try today’s 10 minute challenge set by some amazing authors.
For younger children: Teach your monster to read
For older children: Think about the last time you were creative and it felt good – often this is called being in a “flow” state. What was it like? What made it good? How can you experience that creativity again?
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Challenge 37 - One Picture, One Story

Here are some inspiring pictures. Choose one to create your own exciting tale.
For younger children: Choose a picture and read the short sentence written on it. Tell people around you how you feel about that picture and line.
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Challenge 48 - Fairytale Adventure

Find a fairy tale from another country. Read and enjoy it.
When you’ve read it, share your favourite part
For younger children: Choose one of these fairy tales for someone to read to you. Or explore ABRACADABRA https://literacy.concordia.ca/abra/en/
Which fairytale did you read? Tell us here.

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