Fatiha's story

I used to put myself down… Now I want to work my way up!

Before the Capital Talent youth employment programme, I would get out of bed at 3pm. In my mock interviews I was so rude – chewing gum! But at the Barclays Employability Days, they taught me how to be in interviews. I learnt all the dos and don’ts. They looked at my CV, told me to change paragraphs to bullet points to make points stand out. One lady even gave me her CV so I could compare.

When I started on Capital Talent I wasn’t thinking beyond admin roles but the life coach saw what I’m like and she said I could be a manager. Now I want to work my way up! After the first few weeks it made me think, ‘I can do it, I can go somewhere.’

The same questions came up in the interview for the Apprentice Receptionist/Administrator role with Gen, the Centre’s Employment Service Manager, as in my mock interviews with Barclays so I knew what answers to say. With the interview I felt like I knew what I was doing, I knew what to say to catch her eye.

I was successful in my interview and worked with the Employment Team for a year whilst completing my Level 2 Customer Service qualification. At the end of the apprenticeship I was supported to find work and I’m now employed as a Patient Assistant at the local GP practice.

With other training programmes when you are done, that’s it. With Capital Talent they still contact you. That’s why I have recommended it to my friends.”

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