DIY Health

We have been awarded “Primary Care Team of the Year 2019” for DIY Health Project by the BMJ.

We run DIY Health Sessions which are weekly educational programme for parents of children under the age of 5 to manage their children’s health. This is a co-produced curriculum based on supporting parents to access the right help at the right time for minor ailments and draws on local resources to provide additional support.

The project aims to bring parents together to talk, share their experiences, and discuss common minor ailments to improve knowledge and skills, build confidence in managing their children’s health and importantly, build a social network of parents.

Throughout the years we have run sessions with many different cohorts of parents, and we have noticed a remarkable 36% decrease in primary care attendance for minor ailments among those that have attended sessions.

The sessions are held every Tuesdays (*excluding half-term holidays) at Bromley by Bow Health Centre and XX Place Health Centre. If you would like to get involved and take part, please ask at reception and contact any of our health centres.



The guide below explains how you can deal with 6 common illnesses every child can get from time to time. By knowing how to care for your child at home and how to access the NHS advice services, you could avoid waiting a long time in A&E when you do not need to.

Common illnesses and keeping your child healthy