GP Practice Merger

St Andrews Health Centre and St Paul’s Way Medical Centre

St Andrews Health Centre and St Paul’s Way Medical Centre are merging systems and creating a single patient list. The two practices will come together, pooling their management and clinical teams to offer greater resilience and a wider choice of services to our patients. Both Practices have been sharing their values and commitment to high quality clinical care over the past year and now believe a full merger will help to provide improved access and choice for patients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why are the practices merging?

    Over the past year, both practices have been working collaboratively with management and administration staff. We believe that the most effective way to further develop our patient services and care for our communities is to complete a full system merger.
  2. What is the anticipated timescale for the merger?

    We are working in the background to ensure ease of process for patients at both sites. The patient lists and systems will fully merger on Monday, 6th November 2023.
  3. What will each location be called after the merger?

    We will continue to operate from our current locations within St Paul’s Way Medical Centre and St Andrews Health Centre and will identify our locations using these names i.e. no name change. This will make it clear where patients will be accessing their care.
  4. Will surgery telephone numbers change?

    The telephone numbers will remain the same. We are keen to keep both existing telephone numbers and make the system as simple as possible for patients.
  5. Will I still be able to make an appointment to see my usual GP or Nurse?

    Yes. We value the one to one relationships our patients have with the clinicians. It is expected that the merger will further increase our ability to provide our patients with access to other highly skilled local doctors and nurses in the event that your usual doctor or nurse is absent from work. We prioritize continuity of care.
  6. Can patients request an appointment at the other practice?

    Yes, patients will have access to book an appointment with any doctor or nurse at St Paul’s Way Medical Centre and St Andrews Health Centre. Our aim is to provide better access to appointments and services.
  7. Will my usual surgery opening times stay the same?

    Yes, we are not currently anticipating any changes to our core opening times at both surgeries. Our online consultation hours will be 7am-1pm and 2pm-4pm Monday to Friday.
  8. Will the intended merger affect any treatment or medication I am currently receiving?

    No. Any current treatments, medications, investigations and/or referrals will not be affected by the merger.
  9. New Patient registration:

    We will not be registering new patients at St Paul’s Way Medical Centre from 16th October 2023 to 10th November 2023, to ensure smooth transition of our IT systems. If your request is urgent, please contact the reception team at St Andrews Health Centre on 020 8980 1888, who will guide you appropriately or visit to register online.
  10. How will the new arrangement benefit GPs and Nurses at the practice?
    Our GPs, Nurses, Physician Associates and other Health Support Workers will all have access to a wider pool of clinical knowledge and expertise to draw upon and will have greater opportunities to specialize in areas such as diabetes, care of the elderly and urgent access. We will also be able to provide better cover for any planned or unplanned absences which we hope will alleviate the pressures felt by remaining staff. In addition, we should be able to reduce our reliance on locum or bank staff. We anticipate the merger will provide more opportunities for enhanced training and career development. There will be greater patient benefits such as access to wider services and broader range of appointment times and more face to face offers.
  11. Will any staff be made redundant?

    No. All staff will continue to be employed as they are now.
  12. Will any service that is currently offered by my usual surgery be removed or stopped?

    No. We anticipate this merger will bring about a greater choice of services.
  13. Will I have to go to another GP Practice site for consultations and/or treatments?

    No. Patients will have the opportunity to be seen at either site, depending on the availability at both sites and patient preference, which will be taken into account. We would like to assure patients that all steps will be taken to ensure the highest level of care and comfort.
  14. Will the practice continue to have a Patient Participation Group?

    We will work with PPG members from St Paul’s Way Medical Centre and hope to take this opportunity to form one Patient Participation Group at St Andrew’s Health Centre. We encourage any patient who would be interested to contact reception at either site and express their interest.
  15. Will my feedback be listened to?

    Yes. We really value the input our patients and stakeholders. We are trying to provide the best possible service to meet our patient and community needs so your views and feedback are important to us. Please contact reception teams at either site to participate in the surveys.