Travel Advice

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At St Andrews Health Centre, we offer a limited NHS travel health service. This means that we only provide a limited range of vaccinations. For vaccinations and services not provided, we recommend you see a private travel health service. It is also important you are up to date with your routine childhood vaccinations. We recommend that you check Travel Health Pro ( for information about the country you are visiting, which will include various information including vaccinations you may wish to have depending on your individual circumstances.

Please ensure you complete a pre-assessment form and hand it in to reception a week before your appointment. -Travel-risk-assessment-form-2018.

Travel Clinic at St Andrews Health Centre

  • Tuesday  1 – 2:30pm
  • Friday 8 – 9.30am

What travel vaccinations do we offer at St Andrews Health Centre?

  • Tetanus – also contains Diphtheria and Polio
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B (£30 per dose)
  • Cholera

*If you require protection against more than one disease, dependent on eligibility and availability, we may be able to give you a combination vaccine. I.e. Combined Hepatitis A and B in one injection, or Hepatitis A and Typhoid in one injection.

What travel vaccinations are NOT available?

  • BCG
  • Meningitis ACWY
  • Yellow Fever
  • Rabies
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Tick Bourne Encephalitis

What travel services are NOT available?

  • Malaria prophylaxis tablets
  • Altitude sickness tablets
  • Period delaying tablets

How can I view my vaccination record?

You may view your vaccination record if you have online access. Alternatively, you may ask for a print out of your record. Please speak a member of the reception team who can help you with this.

Am I up to date with my routine vaccinations?

If you are up to date with your routine vaccinations, you should have had 2 MMR vaccinations over the age of 1, and 5 doses of a tetanus containing vaccine (3 primary doses and 2 booster doses – the 2nd booster dose is usually given around 14 years old).

What if I have no vaccination records/ or I have had vaccinations as a child but I have no record of it / or I have some records and some missing records/ or I am not up to date with my routine vaccinations?

The nurse can offer you ‘catch up’ vaccinations. It will not harm you if you have actually it the past and you are re-vaccinated.

How early should I see the visit a travel clinic?

It is recommended you visit a travel clinic when you know you will be travelling. It is useful to know the destination, dates, type of accommodation, and estimated things you would be doing on your trip. This could be a few months in advance if you wish as some vaccination schedules vary.