Social Prescribing Development and Training

Over the past decade the Bromley by Bow Centre has worked extensively to support the development and growth of social prescribing nationally and internationally. We are founding members of the National Social Prescribing Network and are Social Prescribing Regional Facilitators for London for NHS England. Our social prescribing schemes have grown and developed substantially over the last decade allowing us to develop significant experience and insight which we share with others.

Social prescribing training and support
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Our research

As part of the Insights department, the Research teams is composed of community researchers who support project evaluation and work on original new community research. A wide range of evaluation reports and tools are being created continually to help the Bromley By Bow Centre’s services delivery programme managers to keep improving to reflect the community’s needs. Those tools and learnings are made available for other organisations keen to learn from the Centre’s experience to recreate similar models in their own communities.

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Knowledge Share & Exchange

The Knowledge Share and Exchange (KSE) programme was created as part of the Insights team following on the raise of interest in the Bromley By Bow Centre’s model.

This has been done traditionally through in-person visits to the Centre, seminars and newsletters. The KSE team is currently working on building a more integrated online platform to facilitate knowledge exchange remotely.

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If you are interested in contacting us about our research, policy work or to hear more about our knowledge share work please do get in touch.

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