Knowledge Share and Exchange

The Knowledge Share and Exchange (KSE) programme was created as part of the Insights team following on the raise of interest in the Bromley By Bow Centre’s model.

While other members of the Insights team focus on the Research & Evaluation and Innovation aspects, the programme aims at ensuring the communication of learnings gained at the Centre, and externally for the benefit of the Centre.

This has been done traditionally through in-person visits to the Centre, seminars and newsletters. The KSE team is currently working on building a more integrated online platform to facilitate knowledge exchange remotely.

Some of the main objectives of the KSE programme are:

  • Continue to develop and deliver a knowledge share and exchange programme with those leading practice and research
  • Share our knowledge and learning with others at a range of levels of depth and intensity from a communications and marketing programme to long-term ‘accompaniment’ consultancy
  • Contribute to building a community of practice and a ‘social movement for health’ through supporting, and possibly creating, networks of practice throughout the UK
  • Support the dissemination of our research and evaluation as well as innovative programmes, for instance social prescribing