Outcomes framework

Our research has identified six ‘stretch outcomes’ defining who we are and what we are doing. The outcomes recognise that people have the drive to grow, but may need support to achieve concrete growth, confidence and connectedness.

How are these outcomes achieved?

To give an indication of ‘how’ these outcomes can be met – including the resources that the model can draw from and the mechanisms which they can use, we have created a theory of change for the Bromley by Bow model. This theory of change takes clues from the development of the model over time, builds on the practice wisdom of today and connects to the aspirations that local community members offered us. Read the full report here.

Next steps

In proposing this theory of change, we stress that the next step is further testing and refinement to incorporate the change in Bromley by Bow over time, careful design of measurement processes, and external investment to develop data systems to support this work.

Becky and Catherine-Rose will be continuing work at Public Health England and in Bromley by Bow in the autumn of 2018. Recommendations for ongoing work are available in the summary report here.