Research and Evaluation

Bromley by Bow’s combined Research and Evaluation team is part of Bromley by Bow Insights. The combined social and community research team delivers a quantitative and qualitative programme of primary and secondary research, both on and offline.

What we do:

We gather, record and amplify the authentic community voice which sits at the Centre of Bromley by Bow’s work, often unheard in policy discussions. The work is tightly tied to our engagement and our relationships within the local community and with local organisations. Members of the community are paramount, as researchers, strategic influencers and study participants.

We deliver:

  • Community Engagement and Citizen Science – click here
  • Outcome Measurement and Evaluation – click here

Why we do it:

To improve health outcomes by influencing change for local people, lives and places. Through our work we find out:

  • What matters to communities.
  • How to deliver services that work for local people.
  • Changes for clients as a direct result of our work, using markers that matter to the local community.
  • Evidence of need and change, to improve delivery and influence policy makers.

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The team:

  • Catherine Godward, Research and Evaluation Manager
  • Naomi Mead, Research and Evaluation Coordinator
  • Sophie Imber, Evaluation Coordinator