BbB Outcome Measurement User/Data Journey Map

The Bromley by Bow Outcome Measurement User/Data Journey Map sets out the data captured at five key points in a patient/client’s journey through Bromley by Bow.

Key data are captured at three key stages:

  1.  At journey points 1, 2 and 3, when a client first engages with Bromley by Bow, data that captures demographics, presenting need and the ONS4 baseline are gathered.
  2.  At journey point 2 Bromley by Bow records and codes presenting need to intended stretch outcome(s) to monitor need against the Outcomes Framework to aid analysis of take up against intended outcomes. For the practitioner or service delivery colleague this approach also provides a list of Bromley by Bow activities designed to achieve the outcome(s) selected.
  3.  Change as a result of engaging with Bromley by Bow is captured:
    • at journey point 2 after the first full conversation with the Bromley by Bow, for example at the Connection Zone or with a Social Prescriber
    • at journey point 4 at the close of an activity
    • at journey point 5 at the close of a final Social Prescribing conversation.

Data capture is predominantly implemented via a 1:1 interview as part of the cycle of usual client contact by Bromley by Bow practitioners and service delivery staff.