Working with us

We are a charity with a unique position in the Bromley by Bow community and expertise in Community Engagement, Citizen Science, Outcome measurement and Evaluation. We have worked with and can help those in the Voluntary and Community Sector, practitioners, universities and others, to design and conduct community research and outcome measurement. If you share our values here are some ways we can work together:

  • Spend time sharing our approach with you.
  • Undertake community research to support your work.
  • Train community researchers to support your work.
  • Develop and/or implement a community informed outcomes framework.
  • Provide guidance in implementing a routine outcome measurement tool.
  • Sharing and communicating research and outcomes measurement.
  • Joining a network of experienced Community Research and/or Outcome Measurement organisations.
  • Researchers seconded to Bromley by Bow. You are a good fit if you are interested in asset-based, place-based approaches and a holistic approach to health and happiness.
  • Internships and modular university placement projects. Occasionally we accept research or knowledge sharing placements at Bromley by Bow, which may involve helping to analyse existing data, support developing research or assisting with developing our sharing events and workshops. This would particularly suit a Master’s programme.

The team:

Catherine Godward, Research and Evaluation Manager

Naomi Mead, Research and Evaluation Coordinator

Kelda Holmes, Community Researcher

Mandy Harrilal, Community Researcher

Pratima Singh, Community Researcher

Sultana Begum, Community Researcher

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