Social Prescribing Support

We are a leading expert in social prescribing, with over 20 years’ experience in developing our model, and currently working to support NHS England with the scale-up of social prescribing across London. We have used this experience as well as the diagnostic expertise of Grant Thornton UK LLP to develop a model of support for the establishment of effective Social Prescribing models. This includes:

  1.  A holistic assessment and diagnostic review of the social prescribing offering and / or potential in your area.
  2. A robust social prescribing benefits model developed to measure outcomes against your baseline data, and
  3. Consultative support to develop and implement a sustainable social prescribing scheme.

These three offerings can be delivered independently of one another, but maximum value is achieved when there is a more holistic approach encompassing the full suite.

To find out more about this work contact our Insights Team by emailing or call us on 020 8709 9741.

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