Medical Sick Notes - COVID 19

For detailed guidance and information regarding medical certification and sick pay visit: COVID-19: guidance for employees

Due to the current pandemic and pressure on General Practice, we are prioritising the urgent medical needs of our patients and will not be providing a medical certificate for this absence.

Taking time off when ill
By law, medical evidence is not required for the first 7 days of sickness (that is, employees can self-certify). After 7 days, it is for your employer to determine what evidence they require, if any, from the employee.

To make it easier to provide evidence to your employer if you are unwell and need to stay at home, there is an alternative form (see below) of evidence which you can now download, print and provide to your employer should you fall ill and have to take time off due to the corona virus.


Bromley by Bow Health Centre – Medical Sick Note

St.Andrews Health Centre – Medical Sick Note

XX Place Health Centre – Medical Sick Note