As we slowly emerge from the worst of the pandemic, members of the Bromley by Bow Centre community are invited to share their reflections, by lending us a piece of their art or craft that best reflects their pandemic experience. Participating artworks will be included in an exhibition at the Centre on Friday 3rd December.

It can be a photo, video, artwork, sculpture, embroidery, piece of writing or anything that you feel best captures your own moment in history when the pandemic was first declared and the UK went into lockdown in March 2020.

It was a tough time, people were scared, bewildered and in many cases isolated. There has been loss and sadness and we have done our best to support each other.

But there was also an outpouring of energy, creativity and resourcefulness that brought us together, made us laugh and helped make sense of what was happening in the world. Remember the rainbows, Joe Wicks daily workouts, the claps for the NHS and all those Zoom calls?

To take part in the art, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Get ready to submit your artwork ready to hang or display by Friday 5th November
  2. Please make sure the piece has a label attached with
    1. Your name and mobile number
    2. The name of the piece
    3. The material it was created in (if relevant)
    4. A brief description of the piece
  3. Make sure any pictures or photos are framed and/or ready to hang.
  4. Save the date – Friday 3rd December, 4pm
  5. Connect with our artist and curator, Sheenagh by dropping her an email or call for a chat about sending or delivering your art. Email or call 07904 078535.

Participants will be invited to attend the opening event on Friday 3rd December. The exhibition will run until January. Your art will be returned or available for collection after this date.

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