Be part of our special year of celebration

This year, 2019, the Bromley by Bow Centre turns 35 and to mark the occasion we’re holding a series of events and activities that celebrate our stories of transformation.

Day by day, year by year, we’re transforming lives

35 years ago in 1984, Bromley by Bow’s struggling church was on its last legs. Facing inevitable closure, the elderly congregation had on odd response. They simply decided to open the doors to the community and suddenly disused spaces became full of life as a café, a children’s nursery and artists’ studios started to appear. And all of this an area of East London with some of the worst levels of deprivation in the UK.

The Bromley by Bow Centre grew out of the belief that everyone has amazing untapped potential, and no one should be written off in life. It quickly became clear that the way to build a healthy community, was to create opportunities for people to make new friends, learn skills, explore their creativity and tackle the complex problems that so many people face by providing really practical help and advice.

Today we support 2,500 people every month and our innovative model has become a blueprint for creating healthy and vibrant communities around the world.

Rob Trimble, the Centre’s Chief Executive, has summed it up like this:

“The most profound insight from our experience at Bromley by Bow over the last 35 years is that more medicine is far less effective at driving better health than having more friends, a sense of purpose in your life and the feeling that you belong in a strong community”

35 years, 350 days, let’s raise £350,000

The Bromley by Bow Centre has a big vision. To help us grow our life-changing projects we have set an ambitious fundraising target: we want to raise £350,000 in 350 days. And we need your help! Find out more about how to donate and be the first to know about our 35th anniversary activities by signing up to our newsletter – thank you!