Become a Friend of the Bromley by Bow Centre

We are inviting supporters of the Centre to become our Friends. Over the last 35 years, many people have helped us grow into the amazing organisation we share today. Now there is an opportunity to join our Friends scheme, playing your part in securing the future of the Centre and its vital work in the community.

Friends make a small monthly donation and become part of a group of people supporting and shaping our future community work.

The Centre is already fortunate in having many people that it can call friends.  These are people who understand and support our radical approach to community and health, and know the world needs many more Bromley by Bow Centres.

People who become Friends may also be people who live in the local community and recognise the Centre is at its beating heart. They may have worked with us in the past. Or perhaps people who have been supported at a difficult time in their lives and now want to help others.

In the current environment, vulnerable and isolated people in our community need help now. Covid-19 has compounded hardship and problems already widespread and deeply embedded in our area. Every day feels like a crisis for many people in our community and Friends can support us to alleviate this, helping to create new beginnings and bringing the prospect of a better future.

Become a friend of the Centre

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Become a Friend