The regulator, Ofgem has recently announced a substantial increase in the price cap that restricts the level energy companies can charge consumers. This is because the energy market is experiencing an unprecedented increase in global gas prices, a once in a 30-year event, partly linked to the impact of the world emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic.

This price cap affects some households more than others, particularly those not on a fixed rate tariff or homes with a prepayment meter. The Government has recently announced some limited additional help for households.

Ofgem has consulted with the Centre, both staff and community members, to hear first-hand testimony from people in our local neighbourhoods about how price rises are impacting them and their families; causing stress and anxiety, with ‘heat or eat’ a real choice many are having to make.

Support available

Ofgem has published guidance and support about the price cap and information about support schemes, discounts, support funds, and Government payments (see resources below).

Customers struggling to pay their energy bill can contact their supplier direct to find out about help available but access is not always easy where language or phone call costs are a barrier.

If you feel confused and worried about fuel bill price rises, you are not alone. We offer practical ways to support you. You can get advice on saving money and using energy more efficiently, support with bill arrears and possible access to grants, discounts and special schemes. Tower Hamlets residents with prepayment meters may be able to apply for food and fuel vouchers.

Find out more about our support from our Energy Advice Team.

Watch Ali talk about how we’ve helped him:

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