Fuel Poverty Awareness Day on 2nd December is backed by National Energy Action. It seeks to highlight this important issue, calls for greater action and highlights what help is available.

Did you know?

  • Fuel poverty is the condition by which a household is unable to afford to heat their home to an adequate temperature. It is caused by low income, high fuel prices, poor energy efficiency, unaffordable housing prices and poor quality housing.
  • Around 6.5 million UK households are experiencing fuel poverty.
  • Around 10,000 more people die every winter from cold homes.
  • Children living in fuel poverty have higher rates of asthma and other respiratory diseases.
  • Parents living in fuel poverty are much more likely to develop depression compared with people who live in a warm home.
  • If you have a long-term illness or disability, you are 50% more likely to be living in fuel poverty.
  • Around 40% of vouchers for customers with older prepayment meters have yet to be redeemed.

What help is out there?

It can be hard to understand what’s happening with energy bills and what happens after April 2023. Find out what support is available and how to save energy costs.

  1. Contact our  Energy Advice Team by email energy@bbbc.org.uk or call 07719 867933, 07903 088971
  2. You can access some of our helpful resources here
  3. Energy regulator Ofgem publish energy advice for households 



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