Active Together is our physical activity programme for anyone who wants to try new activities and sports as a family, such as yoga, aerobics, dance and much more.

Physical activity is beneficial for everybody. In children it has been shown to improve health, confidence and happiness and has a positive effect on concentration in school and beyond, even improving memory and classroom behaviour.

It doesn’t matter what activity people do or how good they are at it – having fun together is what’s important and helps ensure children grow up to be active adults. Everyone is welcome – bring grandparents and carers along!

Join our Active Together programme to:

  • Improve your own and your children’s physical and mental wellbeing, instilling habits now that will stay with your children as they grow up.
  • Grow your confidence. Learn to challenge yourself to do activities that you might not normally get the chance to do. Spend time together.
  • Working together as a family allows children to take charge and lead activities, while allowing parents to let their fun side out!
  • Find out about local initiatives, groups and offers and opportunities to be active and enjoy the area where you live.

Take part from home

While Covid-19 restrictions continue, we’ve taken our Active Together programme online. We look forward to resuming face-to-face delivery as soon as safe to do so.

Register to join and you will be invited to join daily activity sessions; we have a packed timetable of online activities for all abilities and preferences, including tips for healthy living and wellbeing workshops and webinars.

You’ll also be able to join our Active Together Family Playrooms Facebook group, with over 250 members that support and inspire each other throughout the week and share information and experiences useful to other families.

Families will receive a free Troll Adventures Activity Pack which contains resources, ideas and tips on how to creatively increase activity levels as a family, indoors and outdoors.

To find out more, contact:
07741 332 619

Getting fit as a family

Find out more from Alison and her daughter, Sasha

“I enjoyed every minute of it, making new friends and learning how to do new activities. I now find more time to do things with my daughter, Sasha. Seeing her happy pushes me to make more time and do more.”

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