Pictured above: Alison and her daughter, Sasha

Our Active Together programme puts fun at the heart of physical activity and encourages families to try new sports.  

The Active Together ten-week programme for families makes sport and fitness enjoyable and achievable, including for those who previously thought it was boring or ‘not for them’.  

With busy lives, getting out and active can take a back-seat to the demands of work, home-school and home life. Active Together aims to combat the feeling for lots of parents that they don’t have the time or energy to engage in fitness.

Active Together makes exercise fun and is a valuable way to spend time together as a family. Once started, participants have found that it’s something they want to make time to do and it has proved to be a great way to make friends and spend time with other adults, whilst also being with their kids. During Covid-19 our team have continued to provide virtual support to maintain engagement.

We spoke to Alison, an Active Together participant, about her experience:

“When I heard that it is for kids and also parents, I liked it as there are not many opportunities to do something together usually…

“I enjoyed every minute of it, making new friends and learning how to do new activities away from the session. I now find more time to do things with my daughter, Sasha. Seeing her happy pushes me to make more time and do more.”

Alison, Active Together participant

For children, the group element is also really important – they like making new friends and sharing information and ideas and they also get to see their parents taking part in physical activity, which creates positive role models and instils life-long habits. The sessions are something children get really excited about, even when online, as they have the chance to spend quality time with their parents too. 

Active Together allows participants to make use of space at home and local parks; sharing experiences and likes/dislikes in terms of sports and activities and improving fitness levels and overall health.

For Alison, outcomes from taking part in Active Together include understanding the health benefits of exercise and how it can help her relax and de-stress.  She also found it was a good opportunity to see her daughter engage with friends in a way that is not usually accessible to busy parents.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lock down, Active Together quickly adapted so that it can be accessed online enabling families to still exercise together. We’re looking forward to re-starting the face-to-face sessions as soon as we can.

Active Together is generously funded by Sport England.

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