A new service has been introduced at the Centre for older residents of Tower Hamlets, funded by Mercers Charitable Trust for two years.

Called Space to Connect, the service is a multi-faceted project that promotes creative activities and healthy lifestyles. It connects people and help build friendships for anyone over 50.

There are a variety of classes and activities to suit most tastes.  Art sessions include a variety of media and expression. Healthy lifestyles sessions promote health, encourage exercise and help people develop personal goals.

Participants are encouraged to get involved with our skills exchange project to share their wealth of learning and skills with their community. Weekly skills exchange coffee mornings allow people to develop ideas and plans together.

The Centre team welcomes and encourages people to volunteer, both at the Centre and in the wider community which can be invaluable in building confidence, self-esteem and preparing to re-enter the workplace.

Besides the specific aspects of the new service, participants get a chance to enjoy food together each day at the Centre café and can attend wider events such as community feasts, swap shops and cultural celebrations.

For further information email spacetoconnect@bbbc.org.uk or call Candice 07487 724 557 or Khadeja 07951 034 656

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