A Death Café is a safe space for anyone to explore issues connected to death and it’s affects on us all.

Death is an inevitable part of life, and yet something that is not often discussed openly and easily in Western society.

The Bromley by Bow Death Café is not a physical space, but rather a group of people who get together (online for now) to talk about death and the impact of loss.

Founder, April, was one of 10 winners of our Communities Driving Change Community Voting Day in November last year, voted for by residents of Old Ford Road. April received a £500 grant to get her project off the ground.

The purpose of a Death Café is not to be morbid, but to drink tea and eat cake while discussing issues around death to raise awareness and to help people to make the most of their lives.

Death Cafés have helped to relax the taboo of speaking about death, particularly with strangers, and have encouraged people to express their own wishes for after they die, as well as provide an avenue to express thoughts about a person’s own life, or other feelings stirred up by the death of a family member or someone else in their lives.

The Bromley by Bow Death Café sessions will be running on Zoom from February to July this year.

It’s a secular group, open to all.

Want to attend a session?

To find out more, and to attend a session, email April: april@stpauloldford.com

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