Black History Month Celebration wrap up event on Thursday 26th of October

Join us on Thursday the 26th of October for what promises to be an energetic day of celebration, food, music and art. We will be hosting our Black History Month wrap-up celebration in the Bromley by Bow Centre Church from 10am. There will be a live steel drum band, with food served from midday.

Please do come along for this free event and bring friends and family.  Everyone welcome.

On the day before:

A trip to see the ‘Here and Now’ Black History Month Photography Exhibition at the Brady Arts Centre on the 25th of October

We will be heading off to see the Here and Now photography exhibition at the Brady Arts Centre on the morning of the 25th of October. Alternative Arts presents a collection of the most dynamic and diverse contemporary black photographers. They explore history and identity with a series of stunning images.

The images explore a wide range of contemporary topics inspired by:

  • African and Caribbean culture in London,
  • unknown fishermen in Lagos,
  • memories of a mixed race childhood,
  • Nigerian cuisine,
  • the rich tapestry of Somali experiences,
  • with interweaving narratives and social celebrations.

Everyone welcome, please arrive in the Welcome Hub by 10am, for a prompt leave by 10.15, taking the 25/205 bus to Whitechapel. Entry to the exhibition is free.