As families are bracing themselves for significantly higher energy bills in April, we are offering practical support and energy advice, individually and in groups through our Energy Advice service (pictured).

Many people feel there’s little they can do but there are plenty of ways to save money on energy bills and here we list our top ten.

  1. Boil just enough water in your kettle for what you need – don’t overfill. Try not to forget the kettle by going to do something else so you have to come back and re-boil it.
  2. Set your washing machine to 30° (better for fabrics too). Avoid using any washing machines or dishwashers until they are completely full.
  3. Try turning your heating thermostat down just 1°, you’ll hardly notice but it can save 10% of your heating costs.
  4. Using a plug-in electric heater to top up is expensive. The same applies to a fan heater to keep feet warm. Try extra layers and warmer footwear.
  5. Turn off lighting you don’t need and gradually switch to low energy lightbulbs as old ones expire. They are more expensive to buy but are at least 6 times more energy efficient than traditional bulbs and last a lot longer.
  6. Dry clothes outside wherever possible or use an airer when drying inside.
  7. Don’t leave appliances on standby or chargers plugged in when not needed. They make up around 10% of a typical home’s electricity bill. This includes TVs, computers, phones and gaming. Turn everything off at the plug, it’s safer too.
  8. Use a shower instead of a bath. Fit a water-reducing shower head. Some water companies supply these for free or at low cost.
  9. Dry your hair naturally. Appliances that heat up are the most expensive to run.
  10. Batch cook where possible; this reduces energy usage, effort and food costs.

Making all of these changes could save hundreds of pounds on energy bills every year. They also make a positive contribution to addressing the climate emergency.

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