The next event in Investec’s Charity Expert Series is; Power of Community – Responding to the cost of living crisis on Monday 20th June 2022 at 12:00 – 13:00 UK time.

The Centre is delighted to be participating in the webinar. Our chief executive Rob Trimble is one of the leading experts invited to speak. Investec have been a valued supporter and partner of the Centre’s Beyond Business programme for some time, helping to launch and incubate social enterprises across East London.  The organisation also played a significant practical role during Covid lockdowns, helping us and Bow Foodbank ensure vulnerable people had access to food and essentials.

The webinar is concerned that as the impact of the cost of living crisis becomes clearer, more and more people in their communities are likely to rely on their local charities for support – from food banks, mental health and disability support to organisations offering financial guidance.

It aims to show how charities are experiencing and responding to the cost of living crisis and the challenges charities and other not-for-profits are facing in meeting increase in demand on their services.

This webinar will explore the power of community with a focus on the challenges community based organisations are facing, the support they need to service spikes in demand, and what role values-aligned investment partners can play.

You will have the opportunity to hear from leading experts in their field. The panel of speakers include:

  • Nicola Toyer, Head of Charities, Investec (Chair)
  • Rob Trimble, CEO, Bromley by Bow Centre
  • Rosemary MacDonald, CEO, UK Community Foundations

Register here.