A journalist from the Sunday Times visited the Centre on Thursday 20th July to find out about the services and activities that support people with mental health issues.

The visit came about as a response to a recent study questioning the use of anti-depressants in a study led by Joanna Moncrieff, a professor of psychiatry at University College London and consultant psychiatrist at North East London NHS foundation trust.

The correspondent, Rosie Kinchen has first-hand experience of coping with post-natal depression and found it was horticulture therapy, like our weekly gardening groups, that finally helped her recover and stop taking anti-depressant medication.

Rosie interviewed social prescriber Alex Trigg, GP Dr Saul Marmot from our sister health partnership and talked to community members. Local resident Tracy Orsolyak, who has turned her life around through engaging with activities, services and groups at the Centre, shared her story (see article below)

See relevant BBC coverage with Professor Tanya Byron when she visited the Centre

Note: Stopping or reducing the use of anti-depressants should be done in conjunction with a doctor or health care professional.