At the end of April, the Centre team participated in the 2.6 national challenge which was launched in response to cancellation of this year’s London Marathon, affecting income for thousands of charities including the Centre.

Our own 2020 marathon runner Gillian O’Riordan, who is still in training, took on a challenge of 26 burpees along with 15 staff and trustees, who did many crazy things to raise much-needed funds towards our Covid-19 community response.

There were 26 press-ups, planks, cupcakes, planting 26 lettuces, a garden pentathlon, walks, runs (one in fancy dress) 26 baby steps, 26 all-day word limit, dancing, animation, 26 minutes in a freezing bath and balancing 26 worms on an arm!

The myriad of staff challenges were topped by chief executive, Rob Trimble (below) who gainfully managed to balance 26 Tunnock’s Teacakes on his head in 26 different ways in response to a generous anonymous funding pledge.

Almost £12,000 was raised and we are very grateful to everyone who got creative and those who donated. See our page here Fundraising page

Highlights of the feats are on Instagram

Next up, raising funds for Gillian’s 26-mile London Marathon in October. Watch this space.