Moving home is always challenging, but even more so when moving to a new country. Not only will you have new neighbours, and likely a new job, there’s also a whole new culture to get to know.

We worked with Tower Hamlets Council to put together some information to help new migrants feel at home when first arriving to the borough.

The project was a yearlong co-production programme working with migrants who had been living in Tower Hamlets for up to 10 years.

The resulting booklet, ‘Welcome to Tower Hamlets’ is based on their feedback of what would have helped them when they first arrived to the borough.

We consulted with 138 people from 21 different countries to get their views and we were able to extract 444 participant views which were all used to draft the pack. Before publication, we piloted the booklet with 111 participants to get their views on the content.

“I’ve saved the emergency numbers in my phone – I didn’t know there were so many useful numbers!”

“I use the booklet on a daily basis!”

The booklet was launched in November 2019. You can download the booklet, and also find many more resources on the Tower Hamlets Council website.

See the research that informed our Welcome to Tower Hamlets booklet.